Accepted Payment Methods

We integrate with various payment methods from popular payment service providers.

You can choose payment method that you prefer and is most convenient for you. Our philosophy is to provide frictionless user experience by accommodating diversity with more options to choose from.

  • Payment options are available for you to choose from at checkout. Some payment options are available for specific countries only.

  • Please choose your preferred currency (top-left on page screen) from the available options before adding products to your cart.

Read details about available payment options below:

PayPal is a fast and convenient way to pay for your orders internationally. Choose Paypal as payment method and use your PayPal account to checkout.

This payment method is available for most countries worldwide.
  • Choose "PayPal" as payment method from the available options

  • You will be redirected to PayPal website to log in and complete your payment

  • Once your payment is successful you will be redirected back to view your paid invoice with order details

We accept major credit and debit cards as payment methods with PayPal as payment processor. This payment method is available for most countries worldwide.

  • To pay with credit/debit card, choose "PayPal Checkout" as payment method.

  • You will be redirected to PayPal website to enter your payment details.

  • Once your payment is successful you will be redirected back to view your paid invoice with order details.

* Procurement and private label credit cards (such as department store cards) are not supported as payment tools.

You can pay for your order with traditional bank transfer provided by PaySera as payment processor. You can also use all available Paysera payment tools supported for pre-existent Paysera account holders.

PaySera offers the following payment options with different availability:

  • Electronic Banking allows for direct bank transfer payment from your online banking account in supported banks.

  • WebMoney / E-money payment options available for Paysera account holders.

  • SMS payments available for more than 50 countries and via all major mobile operators for small purchases of up to 43 EUR.

  • SEPA Instant transfer for EU countries for orders of up to 15 000 EUR. Available for registered Paysera users.

  • Manual / Traditional Bank Transfer available internationally.

The manual bank transfer payment option will generate an invoice with unique transaction number and register your order as “Pending payment”. You will then have to initiate the bank transfer manually to complete your payment.

  • Bank transfer must be made in the currency you chose to checkout in (top-left on page screen setting).

  • Your local bank rates and fees for the money transfer service apply.

  • If we don’t receive payment for pending orders for more than 7 business days the orders are considered abandoned and are canceled.

To pay for your order with bank transfer:

  • Choose “Paysera Checkout” as payment method.

  • From the available options choose the following logo:

  • Then “Place Order” to complete your checkout. You will be redirected to Paysera website where you will see your generated invoice and bank transfer instructions.

  • Once we receive your payment, we will process your order and despatch it to the shipping address you have provided at checkout.

Digital tokens or cryptocurrencies are unregulated electronic currencies that do not abide to all rules of the regulated financial tools. Thus

Our policy for accepting payments in supported digital currency tokens has the following specifics:

  • Payments in digital currencies are not refundable, due to the anonymous nature of these transactions. Once an order is paid, it is shipped to the shipping address provided at checkout.

  • Our Return policy does not apply to orders paid with digital tokens. However, in case of product defects, the default Manufacturer Warranty does hold and apply.

  • Currency exchange rate is fixed at the current rates provided by official digital exchanges at the time of sale. This is the time when payment is made at checkout.

These special policy ammendments for payments in digital currencies are part of our general terms and conditions. When choosing to pay with digital currencies for your order from you agree to these transaction terms.

Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin