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Kludi bathroom taps and bathroom accessories at top prices from forma-essence.com worldwide delivery

Founded in 1926, at the industrial heart of Germany, KLUDI specializes in bathroom and kitchen fittings, showers, bathroom accessories and complete bathroom solutions.
Whether showering, bathing or washing, the use of water in the bathroom in all of its many facets is a highly emotional affair. That’s why KLUDI focuses on beautiful designs, premium quality and functionality that takes your bathroom experience to new levels of comfort and aesthetics.  

KLUDI Company philosophy is about the emotional and functional use of water in lines of independence and flexibility. KLUDI has extensive know-how and decades of experience in manufacturing bathroom and kitchen fittings with top of the class production standards and premium designs.

KLUDI is world renowned German brand for premium quality standards, innovative technologies and designs. KLUDI is a seal for top of the line products that will thrill you and make your life better.

KLUDI adheres to the highest manufacturing standards with sustainable production process management and environmentally-minded corporate philosophy. Meaning KLUDI takes effort to implement latest technologies in the production processes that focus on renewable energy sources and waste reduction.

KLUDI is a leader in the industry since 1926 with innovative product concepts, features and designs that set new standards for functionality, aesthetics and user experience.

KLUDI product philosophy is to manufacture for a better quality of life. KLUDI bathroom and kitchen fittings are far more than just water dispensers. KLUDI products improve your quality of life and your experience with water.

KLUDI product lines and product collections cover the wide spectrum of consumer needs that are fulfilled in hotels worldwide, outstanding hospitals, nursing and care facilities, the housing industry and countless public buildings.

KLUDI bathroom and kitchen fittings designs are made to intrigue and to enhance the interior, while blending in harmoniously and without obtrusion. Smooth edges, gracious curves and perfect proportions bring complete joy and satisfaction turning the mundane into a beautiful experience.

KLUDI does not compromise on quality staying committed to satisfy the highest customer requirements that can be met with different product collections and product lines. KLUDI offers premium quality designs that are perfect in both form and function. KLUDI bathroom and kitchen fittings are made to impress and to enhance your lifestyle.
Innovation and new technologies oriented ongoing research and development activities underlie KLUDI’s success on local and international markets.

KLUDI product innovations feature unique bathroom fittings designs; hybrid kitchen mixers with both touch-free control and traditional lever operation; kitchen mixers with pull-out spouts and telescopic spouts that drastically improve user functionality; super easy installation systems; bathroom basin mixers with telescoping function to elevate the height when needed;

KLUDI micro-cartridge is world’s smallest thermostatic control unit that makes narrow and delicate designs possible. Kitchen mixers with integrating washing machine and dishwasher stop valve - for convenient opening and closing of the water flow to your kitchen appliances. KLUDI bayonet mixer that is designed to be mounted at window blocking sinks, can be easily lifted out of the socket and laid on its side so that the window can be opened.

KLUDI S-pointer fitted bathroom mixers that allows adjustment of the angle of the water flow. KLUDI drain function to prevent dripping and lime scale caused by residual water in your shower head.

KLUDI Plus is innovative way to control water flow in concealed systems with the push of a button. A selection button allows to easily divert the flow of water to your hand shower, your rain shower or your bath faucet.

KLUDI Pure&Style combines top-class design with outstanding performance characteristics. The elegant fittings line blends in well with modern bathroom designs and is excellent proof that style does not depend on budget. KLUDI Pure&Style is a stylish bathroom fittings series that delivers premium built and high levels of user comfort.

KLUDI Pure&Solid has an expressive character with precise ergonomics. With perfectly designed proportions, the fittings prove themselves as solid work pieces of the highest manufacturing quality. The premium design balances elegance and flawless functionality.

KLUDI Pure&Easy bathroom fittings series embodies minimalist designs that seamlessly integrates into modern bathroom styles. Versatility in combining them with various interior ideas. KLUDI Pure&Easy fittings feature dynamic angles and streamlined design for fresh and light character. With premium built and perfect functionality.

KLUDI A-XES bathroom accessories series come with KLUDI’s premium quality built and elegant modern design made to stylishly add the essential finishing touches of your contemporary bathroom design.

KLUDI Amba bathroom fittings embody futuristic designs and aesthetics. With beauty and delicacy of a fine sculpture, with soft and organic shape, KLUDI Amba fittings have top quality build and flawless function.
The monolithic form of the fitting paired with a stone surface and a bowl-shaped vessel washbasin creates supremely serene and harmonious aesthetics of a spa resort in the Far East.

You deserve a moment of relaxation after a vigorous training session or a busy day at work. Taking the perfect shower every time is a quick and effective way to rest and regain your strength. KLUDI Logo shower series take care of that, bringing simple modern designs with perfect functionality.

A moment just for you. KLUDI A-QA showers line helps you wake up in the morning and wind-down right before going to sleep. The simple and convenient shower arms, combined with a wide range of head showers, will make your shower time your favorite ritual. KLUDI A-QA practical and functional, top-quality showers for modern bathroom interiors.

KLUDI Freshline
The KLUDI FRESHLINE shower collection combines minimalist contours with high-end functionality that increases user comfort under the shower. With premium quality build and top-class designs. KLUDI Freshline showers are perfect for modern bathroom interiors.

“Design is more than just form. Design is a combination of form and function that has the effect of inspiring people” Michael Stein, KLUDI lead designer.